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An Excellent Guide to Lead You Towards Righteousness in Christ

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

"What Do I Do Now? Building a Solid Christian Foundation by Nakia Trader is a Christian book that aims to guide new believers and seasoned Christians alike on what to do next after professing Jesus Christ as their savior. This book is an 8-chapter book detailing the author’s walk in the Christian faith from her teenage years to adulthood.

Nakia Trader tells of her strained relationship with her father, who verbally abused her for years. The trauma of this experience made her question if she was worthy of love, both from the people around her and from God. The consequence was a fall from the place of belief and faith in God. Over the years, she realized her inability to maintain her relationship with God was because she didn’t have the proper guidance on how to strengthen her faith and be assured of God’s love at all times.

Recognizing some of the burning questions that new believers ask, Nakia addressed the doubts bound to spring up. With quotes from older Christians and Bible scriptures, the author ended her story of rededication to God by highlighting what you can do in your new life in Christ. From providing practical steps on how to study God’s word, and how and why you should pray to even demonstrating the importance of fellowship with brethren, Nakia left no stone unturned.

In reading this book, you cannot fail to notice the unmistakable desire of the author to have new believers get to know God the right way. Many Christian books dwell on building spiritual fortitude, but only a few acknowledge the questions that stir doubt among the Christian faithful, especially when they go through difficult times. So, it is refreshing that What do I do now? also tackles in simple language the hassles believers will be faced with because of their faith, isolation, and persecution being chief among them.

What Do I Do Now?: Building a Solid Christian Foundation is for new and struggling believers. This book is an invaluable manual to keep handy. When you don’t know what to do next after receiving the salvation of Christ, this book will be a good compass to guide and stir you back to the path of righteousness in Christ." Literary Titan

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