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Quill says: A text bursting with heartfelt advice and gentle nudges...

Updated: Apr 1

What Do I Do Now? Building a Solid Christian Foundation by Nakia Trader is a superlative eight-chapter Christian book with rich exposure to real struggles and challenges new believers go through before they can spiritually mature and be able to stand up on their own two feet. With firm precision and candor, Trader selflessly shares her priceless experiences from the time she became a young believer to maturity, which makes the book a must-read for new believers and a must-have for evangelistic teams, spiritual leaders, and mentors.

It has been said that the greatest ministry comes from the deepest pain. Nakia Trader's ability to author this book comes from a painful experience where for years she was segregated and mocked by her father who she looked up to, making her question the basic tenets of love, care, and hope