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A Solid Foundation

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

by Valyncia Jefferson The evening started off with light refreshments and fellowshipping with the other attendees that were in attendance. After an hour of mingling, we took our seats ready to hear the Word. Before Tony Evans was introduced, we were treated to a wonderful selection of music from Anthony Evans inviting the Holy Spirit into the theater. A nice prequel before the main event, which was pastor Tony Evans preaching God's Word. He started off by telling a story about a crack he had in the wall at his home and how he reached out to a painter to get it fixed. It wasn't until the second painter was called where he realized the problem wasn't the crack but the foundation the wall was built on.

A large boulder

This leads him to the story in the Bible about building on a solid foundation. The story begins in Matthew 7:24-27 and concludes one of the greatest and recognizable sermons ever preached, and that is the Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew, Jesus tells the story of two men who shared the same vision, listened to the same Truth, but possessed two different characters, had two different foundations and ultimately experienced different results. They both wanted to build this house but only one man possessed the right foundation. In his preaching Tony Evans stated that no house will stand for long unless it has a strong foundation, which is the same for our lives. We need a strong foundation. If we use his example of the crack in the wall, we can see a lot of those cracks today. Whether in our families, finances, relationships, politics or careers. We can even see it in religion, race, class, etc. They are everywhere and around and among us but it's what you do after discovering that crack that exposes the kind of foundation you have. We'll spend a lot of time, money and energy trying to patch up the cracks to make things more presentable. For awhile that will work and things will look better. But these temporary fixes don't address the root problems and after awhile these cracks will reappear. The problem is our foundation keeps moving. It has not been solidified. And any structure that rests on a weak foundation is bound to have cracks in its walls. According to Tony Evans, "any life resting on a weak foundation will soon manifest it's weakness." What I took away from the sermon is that our foundation must be formed before the cracks or storms come. We can't wait around or look to build that foundation in the middle of the storm or when we see that first crack. We need to prepare before it happens because they will come. We have to build on the right foundation. Watch the Sermon Here: (16) TRANSFORM with Tony Evans - YouTube

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