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AONP Outreach Program: Meeting the Basic Needs of the Less Fortunate

AONP Is a WayofTruthEM outreach program that invites all individuals and their families living in poverty or from one paycheck to another, to experience the love and provisions of Jehovah Jireh. AONP program offers ongoing support, encouragement, provisions, and resources to the less fortunate in our community and help them succeed far into the future and it connects with resources throughout the community. AONP aims to partner with local and national organizations, universities and churches to reach out with necessities such as toiletries and clothing to assist those in need in the community.

To meet the basic needs of men, women and children who are poor, disadvantaged, and homeless. 

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Bulk Provisions

By generous donations, Our Christian ministry collects and distributes Bibles to churches, individuals, families, agencies in need of God’s Word. We also collect and donate Clothing, Blankets, Coats, Shoes, Jeans, Shirts, Socks, Nonperishable food items, etc. and distribute these things to the Delaware and surrounding states and countries.

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